Some Q3 2015 Domain Sales

Oct 24 2015

Following up on last week’s post on my Q3 acquisitions, and similar to the first and second quarters of this year, I’ve listed below some of my Q3 domain sales.

I should make that singular this quarter: domain sale… there is only one worth noting, but it worked out well.

The sale was

I picked it up earlier this year, and I still really like it for the various reasons discussed in my Q1 acquisitions post.

I put up a simple lander stating it was for sale, in part (a) to avoid any potential TM infringement from any ads that I couldn’t control, and (b) to put a traffic counter on the page to understand where the visitors were coming from. From a domain sales perspective, I don’t know if my lander was more effective than a parking page or not.

I received a few offers a week, but only a couple discussions got past the initial offer. The eventual buyer came in with a solid first offer that got my attention, and then we started working from there. Negotiations took about two weeks.

We agreed on an installment sale that was the subject of my domain holding transaction post. As mentioned in the post, it’s not fully paid for yet, but we’re 75% of the way there, and that 75% is sitting in my bank account.

To be honest, I really miss the domain already. I don’t regret the deal or have seller’s remorse, but I’m reminded of Shane Warne’s statement from a prior discussion, along the lines of “buy at least one domain that you’re genuinely proud of“, and this is the domain that I was most proud of.

Now that it’s sold, I need to go hunting for another.

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  1. Daniel

    “Now that it’s sold, I need to go hunting for another” –> except this time you’ll be able to get more than 1 😉 congrats

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