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Recent Domain Name Purchases

I always find it interesting to hear what other people are purchasing. This past year I added some solid landscaping names to my portfolio including and This last few months I added a few names to my portfolio that I thought had good value. Maybe not premium names, but names I feel will be worth more than what I paid for them now or soon. Here are some of the names I bought

What? You bought dot cc. I realize that dot cc is very risky but I like it. I see it increasing in value with the introduction of the generic tlds. If .xyz has a chance then .cc will do even better. People all have the same reaction “The logic is solid”. Meaning they don’t agree but and would never put their money in them but the idea is not flawed. I also get “Why not .ws as well” My original dot cc were bought as a play on Champaign County, the area where I live, and is what people use to refer to a group of local cities in the area. But when the new generics came out I figured I would add a few more to my portfolio for a few reasons. There is no easier to type ending out there. The Chinese have accepted it so having a few billion supporting is a good start. And there is always the chance it could become cool elsewhere. And they are cheap. They actually have become more expensive this year. I have had to pay a lot more in the last few months then earlier in the year. Again, if XYZ has any value then dot cc has more in my opinion. I couldn’t resist the Christmas domains because I started with SantaClaus as a gag email but then Christmas came up for auction and last week NorthPole dropped. I figure it’s the perfect basket of names. Not a lot of people own the big three of Christmas in a tld. As for Lawyers, I figured I would find out if dot cc had any value by buying one of the best keywords I could. But of course I bought some dot coms…

BoxOfficeWeekly Sounds like an official site already



ShaneTV (thank Ray for the heads up)









While none of these names are category killer names I got them all at great value IMO. I think I could sell every single one of them at a profit tomorrow and more than pay for my dot cc domains that I took a gamble on. And that’s the point of business last time I checked. When it’s all said and done…to make money.

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  1. How .CC domains are different from other ccTLD names? I understand keyword names have always some value, even with non premium extension, but I don’t see being .CC any better then random ccTLD.

    1. Mark,

      I said it in my post. It’s short, memorable, and easy to type. The Chinese have accepted it and they resell on Chinese auction sites fairly regularly. I am actually glad at this point that many people don’t see it’s value because I want to buy a few more names. I get why people think I’m wasting my money but I like it and it’s my money. Although I remember when everyone didn’t get NNNN.coms and said I was buying garbage. They weren’t keywords and everyone couldn’t understand why anyone would build a business around it. I bought them for $100 to $500 each and make tens of thousands of dollars on them. More than enough to pay for my latest experiment.

  2. “I said it in my post. It’s short, memorable, and easy to type”

    – well, each ccTLD is going to be same short (2 character extension), memorable is keyword, easy to type – detto…

    1. Mark,

      I’ll just leave it as you think it’s a waste of money. It’s what I bought and I won’t be able to convince you. I’m not trying to sell anyone on it. I’m just explaining my purchases as I see it. We all get to put our money wherever we want and these are what I chose.

  3. I never said/wrote it is a waste of money. I think it is okay to buy for couple of hundred dollars. I was just arguing about a difference between .CC and some other ccTLDs.

  4. Shane , I think they are nice purchases and I think a solid bet. I did the same with a basket of pw domains. Not sure what will happen maybe a big waste but and and I thought I could try and brand them all as

    We shall see 😉

  5. Shane, you know what you’re doing, I’m sure you can make them profitable. The important thing is, there’s a market demand you can tap into. If the Chinese are buying, it’d be a winner. Thank you for sharing it.

  6. .cc’s are great!
    I have been renewing some of my better .cc’s for years. It’s the fastest and easiest extension to type.
    It also passes the radio and bill-board test better than any extension. Easy to say and see!
    When I see some of the names and extensions that are purchased in the aftermarket and then I see .cc single keywords dropping it makes me scratch my head. 🙂
    Haven’t purchased any .cc’s lately but certainly have been renewing the best ones I have.
    Personally I have been buying generic single word .ca’s as I live in the “Great White North” and they are a bargain at them moment.

  7. Nice .cc purchases but lately I have been dropping some of my .cc names because there is almost no interest from the endusers. I am talking just about my domains. Before they used to get inquiries but now a days only few type-ins every month.

    The other domains you purchased are some good one’s specially ThePopular.

    Good luck in selling those names 🙂

  8. I personally don’t like .cc, but if the chinese like it, it might have value, they’re the only ones buying domains in any case. Wouldn’t have more value then though? Are IDNs even allowed in .cc?

  9. I don’t know about other big cities but in Philadelphia, the fastest growing area is termed Center City which is the heart of the metro area of Philly. Frank Schilling likes the gTLDs because they allow for more meaningful extensions. Because I live in Philly, I tend to favor dotCC also. I got from a link on this blog this past year. Thanks again.

  10. Shane

    My two cents is there is one major difference between .cc and .xyz and that is the company behind it, the registry.

    .cc is owned by Verisign a huge corporation who hasn’t done any marketing of the extension for years, its a huge publicly traded company and the gum on the bottom of their expensive shoe which goes well with their suits and ties.

    Dan on the other hand is young, smart, and has a hundred of ideas many out of the box to market .xyz.

    I don’t own any part of .xyz but was in the auction years ago for just thinking it was a cool domain.

    So I expect 3 years from now to be a lot more .xyz registrations than .cc and be better known the John Q Public, not sure if that will create a premium or super premium market however but if these extensions were stock I would buy shares of .xyz and short .cc

    1. Michael,

      Thanks for the comment. I’d rather own than 🙂 I agree, Daniel will make money, there’s no doubt As a businessman I know you’d rather invest with a person that hustles but I also like to buy things when they are down. All it takes is one major player to become an adapter and things can change. There are a lot of dot info players making some good money right now. Perhaps one day Verisign decides they want to milk their older ccTlds and put some marketing money into them. We don’t know. That’s the great thing about domains, you can go long on an extension if you like. I have on dot cc. It’s not very much money and less that 2% of my portfolio but all portfolios have a small high risk plays in them. These are mine. And finally, the only way to tell if buyers are making money off the domains is in the sales or auction results. Daniel making money is great but it doesn’t do me or any of the buyers of .xyz any good. The resale market is how we make money and I think it will be minimal…..but I hope I’m wrong because I would love another extension to buy and sell.

  11. .CC is the easiest extension to type and the “greenest” of them all. If everyone used .cc the world would save huge amounts of energy by avoiding the extra keystroke for .com, .net, .org and the .whatever’s 🙂

    With all this .cc talk I thought I would check the vault. Accepting serious offers on all of them.

    remember sold for a million years ago. 🙂

  12. I think there will be great domains in new extension like and, like and and or and a lot more we are on top of.

    As I said I would rather have an .xyz based on the registry than a .cc but there are much better investments coming down the line.

    1. Michael,

      It’s hard not to agree. I will certainly be on a few myself. Just trying to figure out how to get on them. Never sure exactly what I am getting in the preregistration process but like all things, you have to do some legwork to make some money. Again, thanks for the comments

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