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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 26th, 2013

These are usually  two of the least productive days of the year for me at the nursery.  Everyone either takes off for Thanksgiving or if they are at work they don’t seem to be into it.  But at least its consistent and I can schedule against it.  I make sure to have lots of meeting to at least keep the conversation constructive. But this year we seem to be fairly busy despite the unseasonably cold weather. Just another indication that the economy is picking up.  We’ll see if the nursery sales mimic the holiday buying trends like it usually does.  Here are today’s names.  17 years old, High CPC.  All major tlds and anything under $500 is a steal IMO  Better than some of the escrow names I’ve seen and it’s $12  No bidders.  Hard to believe nobody is on this.  Looks like there are quite a few people that are interested in paintball handguns  So many uses for this one.  And it’s all going to be about Prison  No bidders. Sounds like an App or a guy that’s about to get busted  No bidders, 10 years old.  Pretty sure there are people out there that want to record their phone calls.  One of the better LLL.nets in the last few weeks   More and more people are trying.  Currently at $828. Bitcoin, not the domain

Backorder Domains Wait…that’s not how you spell license. Says the American. All other English countries spell it with a C. Australian Drivers Licence, English Hunting Licence. We Americans just changed things to make it match how we pronounce it.  19 years old.  Means lion in some language  Good geo name.  18 years old.  An upgrade for a lot of people  Could be pronounced but a good acronym as well  Pretty hard to not see the Jew in this one  With the advent of Apple’s Logic Pro and Garageband, everyone has a home studio  You really don’t get a better name for a backorder business  Good brand or sell it to a Japanese motorcycle enthusiast   Aka domains  Real Estate names will always be a good investment.  As will real estate itself…….long term

CAX Domain Deal of the Day  I thought this one was pretty funny

NEW: Domain Shane’s Book of 10

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Starting this Friday and every Friday I will be introducing the Domain Shane Book of 10. A list of 10 of my favorite domain names for sale or at an auction ending in near future. Every Friday I will put out the list and it will be featured here. In addition I will be buying a “Featured Post” at the top of every Friday. I will be picking most of the names but for a small fee I will include a few additional names. I will only accept names that I feel would actually sell. No for $500 names. So if you’re looking for eyeballs from the domaining industry for a name you have for sale, please contact me for information and pricing.

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