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May 12 2014 is the top auction house of China and as we all know the Chinese are pouring huge cash into the domain market.  Especially the short and numeric domains.  Here are a few results of recent auctions to give you some comps for the future.  A ton of 5N.coms in the $500 or less range that I didn’t list.  Congrats to the people that are sitting on the non 4 5N.coms   $514  $802  $818  $947  $818 $915  $900   $1027   $35…….yes $35…keep this in mind for the new gTLDs  ozerozero  $2794   $1076  $13,006  $1284


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  1. Tom

    Can we in North America submit listings there, I found the payout options a bit tricky from reading their FAQ? any insight?

  2. Burt


    In your opinion what do you think is worth more the names with the AABB patterns or the names with the ABAB patterns?

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