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Rick Latona Was Walking On An Irish Beach and Found a Bottle

Rick Latona was walking along a beach in Ireland when he came across a bottle.  On the bottle it said “Rub for a Wish”.  Rick slowly rubbed the bottle and low and behold, a genie popped out of the bottle and said  “Thanks for letting me out, what would you like as your wish?”

Rick replied, “I’d like to look 20 years younger and have more money and more domains than Rich Schwartz and Frank Schilling combined.”  The genie replied “I can’t really turn back time and it’s not like I can just make more domains for you to have, those are pretty much impossible, how about you come up with another wish”

Rick thought long and hard and said “I’d like the Auction at TRAFFIC Dublin to be the most successful auction this year”   The genie looked at him and said  “Yeah, in that case, let me see if I can call a plastic surgeon of mine, and in the meantime I’m going to try and round up some money and domains”

PS:  Just having a little fun, I know Rick is the hardest working man in domaining.

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