Wednesday’s Daily Dropping Domains and Auctions

Aug 25 2010

I’ve been looking for a strong name in the $10K range for a few weeks and haven’t found anything at all.  There are plenty of people willing to sell you a $2500 name for $10K but I’m having more trouble getting someone to sell me a $25K name for $10K.   And no, just because valuate says it’s worth $25K doesn’t mean it is.  Remember,  it’s a guide.  Now on to the names 21,000 searches and a $6000 valuate, no bidders Another 5L getting lots of attention, 1997 domain A pr6 domain.  That’s enough Not a name squatter but maybe you’re a fan.  She’s an Urbana IL girl and I know her family so I may buy and give it to her It looks like there is over 4 million searches for this one.  Just kidding, I don’t even like the word (Tia, sorry if I have offended) but there actually is a lot of searches and no bidders Huge CPC and over 1000 searches.   Your site should be popular because finding a no money down home load may be next to impossible

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