Sales Report from Numerics, Short, and Chinese Domains

Jan 16 2013

A bunch of high end numerics and short domains ended recently at and I thought I would post them for comparables since they are not part of the DnJournal price list.  It shows that the numerics continue to grow in price each year, and even each month.  Keep these in mind when you see the weekly top sales as many of these would be in the top 10.  $10,457  (went cheap because the zero and 0 are confusing)  $11,421  (I was in until $10K, should have gone to $12K) $1270 (even .mobi does well with numerics)  $912 (tell me how many other dot cc sell for above $700)  $27,346  $242 $1385 $415 $1465     $40,215 (I have no idea what it means but if it were listed would be at the top 10 of the weekly sales0  $56,623  Ditto



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