Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-2-12

A man finds a genie lamp. He rubs it and a genie comes out and says: “I will grant you one wish. I’m a fairly young genie and am not that powerful”. The man pull out a map of the world, circles a bunch of places and says: “Stop all wars in the places I marked”. The genie says: “Like I said, I’m not that powerful, maybe something smaller”. The man says “Translate all the rambling articles from Owen Frager’s blog” . The genie takes a look at the blog and says: “Alright, let me see that map again.”

Now onto the “Sloppy Seconds” list Not a huge dot net fan but a pretty universal desire

Baul.comCity in Columbia and popular last name. Southern for Ball Not many searches for the keywords but type the term in Google and you can see this is a great name for a build out. Only $12  A few products already named this so you need to be a little careful but certainly a very “Green” sounding name   Good product domain. I hate having wet feet all day. I’ll pay practically anything for clothes and boots that keep me dry.  Not as good as boots.  Never heard anyone asking for waterproof shoes.  If they are getting wet, they are generally wearing boots.  Then again, there’s the people of Oregon and Washington.  They need waterproof everything.  Obviously they don’t have waterproof shoes.  Sorry no value but needed it for the joke  If an acronym ends in O it probably stands for organization so using my rationalization that I learned in grade school I will assume that dot org would be a good choice of tld also available  Everything is single use now  Can’t believe this only has 9 bidders  Presently just under $6K. Closes this morning   One of the better names up for sale at Snap in weeks

Godaddy Savings! $5.99 .COMs!

Domain of the Day:

4 Replies to “Saturday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-2-12”

  1. *

    I have the .org version of utext, which is probably more appropriate for a non-profit literary group.

    However, I’m keeping my eye on this one because .com is still king, and the final price will have some bearing on the worth of my domain.

    Whoever wins it, please don’t bother getting in touch with me because I won’t be interested.



  2. Aren’t you a little late with names like since they had to be ordered by midnight on the 1st?

  3. is interesting- yeah it’s a .net but this could be a super hot topic over the next 30 years. If science starts coming up with solutions that see people living well into their 100s, this will something many people will be searching for and looking to open their wallets for. Good find.

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