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Friday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around The Internet 6-1-12

June has arrived and if it’s anything like May, I may be looking for an assistant. It was my first month of $XX,XXX profit in this industry and the restart of quarterly taxes.  I by no means have made it but I now feel that I am finally getting paid for my effort.  For two years I worked just as hard for little to no pay or profit.  Once again in life I have been rewarded for my persistence and hard work. I am not trying to be cocky, just trying to point out that the world is full of opportunity, especially the Internet.  All one needs to do is put in the hours and you can make a little, or a lot, of money.  Enough preaching, now on to the names. 2000 Birthday. No bidders so only $12. $12 well spent Cheap domain to set up an airline credit card comparison site  One of those dictionary words that works as a brand not as the original definition of the word  Crazy Uzoma’s new website   1996 Birthday so it has some age.  Could use for a variety of businesses.  The plural is also available.  Fairly popular last name and geo  Vanity LLLL.coms are back  That’s a lot better name than TinEye  Not much value but liked the name. 13 years old  Not the top of the week but 22 bidders  Pretty solid  Wouldn’t be surprised to see it hit $3K plus

Here you go, just put in the code INDY500 and it’s only .99 cents a year at Godaddy

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  1. Shane – where do you find most of your sales come from? Do you reach out to people or are people finding you? And do you have fixed prices on your domains or do you only accept offers?

    Also, the FamilyReunion domain is a typo, it is FamilyRenunion. One person didn’t pay attention and bid on it.

  2. XSLT is an XML based language technology so it will be popular… Really like Twinkler for an app…

    Congrats on the record month!

  3. Congrats.
    I have no idea how you pull off running a full time B&M and sidelineing this deep enough to clear XX,XXX a month, but it probably goes back to that ‘endurance athlete’ personality type.

    Back when I had my brief tour in the bond trading world, I worked with a few of you Triathlete types. Definitely takes a freak work ethic to do that.

    1. L,

      I don’t think I am going to clear this much every month. I am thinking more in the $4-5K a month will be normal. Funny thing is I am not a work-a-holic. It just so happens my hobbies are buying and selling domains, blogging, and creating sites. Other people spend just as much time on their hobbies. They just don’t pay as much. As for the Ironman training… yeah it’s insane.

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