Saturday’s Drop and Auctions List: It May Be Late But Worth It

I hope you like 4 number dot coms because there are quite a few today.  I’ve been talking them up for 4 months and the prices are exploding.  I still think they go up from here but with prices of top numerics jumping 100% the last month, you’re going to have to be more patient from this point on.  Sorry for the late list.  I had a 22 mile training run, a basketball game, and then a few hours at the nursery. Needless to say I’m writing this and taking a late nap.  Enjoy the list 200 bidders, already at $4000.  No deals here but still a three letter dot com. First thing that comes to mind is a marathon or local race finder.  One of the fastest growing leisure activities in America. I may be a bit biased here Similar sales are for $1311 and for $1351 so I expect around $1300 The domain went for $700 and a few names in the 7300’s went from $500-$800.  That’s where I think this one finishes. This ends with a 4 and that always holds the price down a bit.  Last month this would have gone for $800 or so but could cross $1000 I don’t do florist but I do realize what a big business it is.  14,000 searches here and certainly worth $69 Commodity but easy to flip $2800  with 2300 searches. Never been to York but if I go, I’ll need a hotel

Dropday makes searching this list much easier

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