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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, July 14th, 2022

Happy Bastille Day!

…iffen you celebrate.

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – big industry. Targeting mainstream on a .xyz probably isn’t a good fit (yet), so… crypto crowd funding? (Do people still have any crypto left?) – sounds like the ‘Better Call Saul’ of jewelry shops. – nice domain, but lemme tell you–not a lot you can do to cash in on cigars online if my attempts in the canna industry are anything to go by…

Sedo – come on down to Shelly’s! We’ve got… crab stew. Oysters. If it lives in a shell, we’ll cook it and you can eat all the gooey… slurpy insides. People love eating salty snotty goo that comes inside ocean shells! Shelly’s! – line your lips. Dot In! – teak is a tree… a tropical tree. Tropical tree boats!

Namejet – come on down to… Online Dealers. We’ve got… card dealers. Car dealers. If it needs to be dealt, we’ve got a dealer who will… deal you. People love getting dealt things–especially online! – Sears, 1994 – RED TROPICAL TREES! But not boats… – Sushi Rolls! Dot com! The only thing better than eating sushi is ordering it online and having it shipped 5-7 days to your door step. Stock up on sushi rolls now!

Godaddy Domains With Bids – sounds like a real company! It’s not tho. If you try and use this domain you’re def. getting sued, he said, not a lawyerly. – the best kind of hurricane to get hit by. – not quite “elle,” not quite a .com… – innovative phone line offerings! Your own private line – magic shop or DVD 100% – Electrocardiography – circa 1999 domain name – just install one in the kitchen and out on the deck please. We need the astringent taste of a slurry that comes from someone getting mad at grapes and leaving them out in the rain for a couple of months to help us escape from the absolute suburban nightmare we’ve built for ourselves, Deborah, I CAN’T EVEN SIT ON THE COUCH IN THE PARLOR. Where’s that thermos, I need some adult grape juice… – some little bit of authority, but not ranking for anything… – for when your wine dispenser breaks.

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