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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, June 16th, 2022

Good morning, Happy Thursday (again!).

How does this keep happening? Time seems to speed up as we race toward the cliff’s edge, instead of slowing down as one might expect.

Enjoy the ride while it lasts, I guess! Names at Auction – super good KW. I know this one has been covered for a few days on this list but that’s because we <3 it. – def. sounds like a product that exists and security-related products are usually good $$$. – a… weird hack. If that’s what you’re in to…

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – in THIS economy? – def. a Mac menu bar app. – ok shut up, I love this name as a green burial company that like, turns you into compost and then they plant a tree in the super rich soil or something. Problem is: everyone will pronounce it as “Enter” and not In-terr.

Sedo – Better than X club, not as good as V club… – suuuuper generic. What would you do with this brand? – gambling niche will take on any name and blast it with spam before dropping it once it gets dumped by Google. Memorable name, tho…

Namejet – strong keyword, but… it’s attached to a .info… so… – what’s a better store of value NOW, bitcoin? (I actually don’t know. Is it gold?) – nice future-looking name.

Godaddy Domains With Bids – good name for a jet company, actually. – I would buy my cutting board and herb planters from here… – not sure what it is, but sounds exclusive! – I think there’s always at least SOME kind of value in a name like this. Pronounceable. This one is fun to say. – on second thought, maybe you should just go to the doctor… – great marketing name for some company. – party domain. Meet me at the Friday Club… – these get a lot of action because of all the domains, from all the press when the movie comes out, but I’m always skeptical. What are you gonna do with this name? You can’t use the movie or imagery–studio will come after you. It’s not relevant to your nail fungus niche or whatever… I like to watch these names and see what they end up doing. – bleep blorp. Gin Bot 7. Here’s your martini. – simple name for a branding/domain company if you don’t mind the .org (I don’t). – i know you have been searching for a one-word plural .net. Well, here you go!

Many Domains With Several Bids

Domain Spotlight:

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