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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Hello and Goodbye.

Headed to Ithaca, NY today for a family get together. Not quite a vacation… Names at Auction – a change was needed, so we got rid of the vowels… – interesting domain hack, but what are you gonna use if for, fire extenguishers? – weird .io match, but you can make it work with a… light touch.

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – inter-house internet? – nowhere. nowhere is masking. – SLC! I used to live there. Cool city. Way cooler than you think.

Sedo – way less cool than B52, but probably still pretty valuable… – NFT domains be like $$$$ – what if we had cryptocurrency, but like, it was physical? And you could like, give it to people in return for… i dunno, a wheel of cheese or something? – sure you’re certified, but are you REcertified? No? Then give us money and we’ll give you a piece of paper*
*J/K it’s a PDF – Flop + Hype? The Dissonance! – seems like a money keyword…

Namejet – Buy this domain, sell high school rings for a 3,000% markup – SEO – don’t do it. You’re just gonna get sued…

GoDaddy Domains At Auction – “Advanced Pain Management” — health domain still ranking for keywords, 18 years old, 500+ referring domains. Get after it, you animals! – “understanding by design” is super duper trademarked, I think, so… keep that in mind. – digital cat. Hear me out. You have to check in everyday to take care of it or it DIES. 90s kids know what’s up – currently going for less than I thought it would. Stupid obviously good domain. – not as good a “green” name. – that’s me, the aroma king. I put on 10 perfumes at once for my distinctive smell that you can sense across campus. Then you’ll be like ‘OH SHIT, HERE COMES THE AROMA KING.’ Who wants these digits? – count on .org! – solid brand name for… something. – antihero

Domains! With Bids!

Domain Spotlight:

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