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Sean’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Thursday, Sept 15th, 2022

Happy Thursday!

Here are a bunch of great domains at auction you should totally bid on…

Namejet, Sedo, and Names at Auction

Catched – bright, positivity, great vibes VC name… – big money industry, for a build out. – as far as the thousands of truly shitty meta names I’ve seen, this one is pretty decent (for an IO).

Sedo – seems like it could be a great .XYZ registrar or naming service or something, specfically. – GREAT brand for a dating site or something in the adult industry. Alliteration for the win. – some big “guy on a porch carving sticks in the middle of the forest” vibes…

Namejet – I’m not sure what this would involve, but I bet they are expensive, whatever they are. Forward looking industry. – not quite as good a brand as Scienceful (which is how I’d expect it to be spelled) but… still a decent 2-word science brand. – I dunno if the .org works for this, but it’s a pretty big category. Maybe a decent build out name. – big money, if you can actually get qualified leads. A site like this could have a lot of categories as the storefront for a portfolio of lead gen sites…

Godaddy Domains I Like At Auction – with a name like that, you know it has to bring the value to be on top of the list… and it DOES. Big SEO name in the developer space (used to be a conference, I think). DR 55. – great one-word domain with some big money connotations (closing on a house, etc.). – pronounceable four-letter .com. Big. Also, big price, currently. – similarly priced! I know it’s a .net, but a 2-letter .net – “Access Grid is a collection of resources and technologies that enables large format audio and video based collaboration between groups of people in different locations.” – not the right spelling of “mystify…” – sounds like a party! – where all the good studios are… could also be an art or exercise brand for anywhere in the country because everyone knows LA (similarly NY). – good ad agency name. – buy a candle or two. – could be a great pet or kids brand. – wordy, but could apply to a huge (and ever increasing lolsob) area of the US. – I’d order a pizza there. – great mushroom brand, but it’s been spammed out pretty bad in a previous life.

The Rest of The GoDaddy Names With Bids At Auction

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