SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 22nd, 2013

Nov 22 2013

I’ve kept my commentary about the Heritage auction to myself over the last few weeks.  I really had no vested interest in the auction and Aron or Heritage never contacted me (not that he had any reason to) about the auction so I watched from afar as a potential buyer . Matter of fact, I’ve been in domaining for 8 years, blogging for four, been to four conferences, and I’ve never seen, smelled, cross paths, or exchanged emails Aron for some reason.   I have nothing but positive things to say about the auction.  A fantastic group of names.  All the big boys in the industry wrote articles day in and day out about the auction.  The online process was run as well as it could and the live auction seemed go professionally and swift.  It’s hard to say much bad.   But I will say this.  You could have put these same names at Namejet and gotten the same results. Minus the articles, the cost, and all the work other than gather the names.  It was the name gathering that was the most impressive. That goes to Aron.  I’d love to hear some other opinions if you think I’m wrong. Here are today’s names   Ends at 10 am central so you’ll need to get on it this morning. Flippa has been getting some great prices for dot infos but this one is being underappreciated IMO.  As a man that sends and receives a ton of gift baskets this time of year I would think this name would be a great fit  You can make a lot of money selling website scripts.  Websites by the millions are run on scripts.  Domain has quite a few bids but has a bit to run IMO  14 years old.  Not a bad buy at this price IMO  12 years old.  Based on comparable sales in the dot infos lately, this one is a good buy under $50 IMO.  Every first child I’ve ever seen has a baby shower.  After that it is just “eehhh… another baby”  Sorry little brother   16 years old.  Sold for $3500 plus in 2008.  Last time I checked we still are driving cars  At $12, easy money as an upgrade domain for all the locksmith of the same name  Either a terribly spelled version of cutting or just a  20 year old  That alone gives it some value  Get the domain investing joint venture out of your mind.  Think Silicon Valley

Backorder Domains  A city in China.  I would highly suggest adding Chinese cities to your portfolio.  Even a small city will eventually have millions  Infos have officially caught on.  At least for domain investors.  Florist names are good affiliate names   A Fort Knox for Bitcoin.  3 people already see the bitcoin use  Just don’t use it to sell guitars or you’ll get sued ($250)  There are millions of people that all kinds of money for these beauty potions.  Domain is cheaper than a high end haircut in NYC.  At least that’s what Elliot tells me. ($2500) $15 CPC and $3200 Estibot.   The online version of the GED the “Good Enough Degree”

CAX Domain Deal of the Day  $50 No Reserve.  Employers are looking for an easy online way to do a background check.  This is a great name to offer that service.

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  1. adam

    The reason he got good names was the publicity and the “weight” of the team that they had pulling this auction off. I’m sure they spent more than they made. It seemed (not sure exactly) that most of the auctions only had a single bidder. I don’t think it was all that much of a success. . . . better than the conference auctions, but that’s not saying much

  2. Steve D

    As far as sales the auction was a disaster! As for name quality it is far better then what we have seen available on Namejet and Godaddy the past few months. I did pick up 2 domains which I felt went off a bit undervalued. My personal opinion most is most domainers are not accustomed to the buyers premium. For their first auction they should have cut the premium to 5-10%.
    There were a few I would have paid 5 digit prices ifnot for the 15% buyers premium. As an investor the price would have to appreciate 20% for me to break even.

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