SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 21st, 2013

Nov 21 2013

Booked my hotel for at the Tropicana and I am still surprised how cheap the rooms are for being new rooms.  I’ve stayed in some shitty rooms in Vegas but I never really cared as long as they were clean.  Bally has old dungy rooms but it’s in the center of the strip and usually pretty clean so that’s where I book my room usually.  The Tropicana is all the way on the other side of the strip but still closer than Hard Rock to all the fun.  I’ll be going to Vegas one time in December as well as I owe my nephew a 21st birthday weekend.  I’ll practice up then for the big event.  Here are today’s names.   Flippa has been getting some great prices for dot infos but this one is being underappreciated IMO.  As a man that sends and receives a ton of gift baskets this time of year I would think this name would be a great fit   A great name to teach someone the basics of domain investing.  The org makes it sound more school like.   16 years old.  Sold for $3500 plus in 2008.  Last time I checked we still are driving cars  If you are like me you love data.  17 years old, 2 visits a month, and at $17 when I wrote this.  See, I told you I like data  17 years old.  Good company name unless you broker names and then it’s too close to MediaOptions.  Maybe that should be their buildout division I don’t think I’ve seen this one up for sale before.  Should do real well.  15 years old  Get the domain investing joint venture out of your mind.  Think Silicon Valley Pretty much explains what the site or app with do.  As a guy that just went to New York City I know the value of getting a Cab It’s a PR6 and there are lots of Danvilles.  The one that owned it was in Virginia  If you get 10% of the tail that the guy that does the dot com you are going to be a lucky man….or woman.  No bidders  Not real valuable but for $12 not a bad brand Worth more than $25 IMO  I have to admit I really like saying it.  Say it, you’ll like it too  Great name for an Instagram like site….or at at least something photo oriented.

Backorder Domains Don’t see a lot of 19 years old LLLL.coms. She’s legal You bastards.  Whoever wins this should just give it to me.  You know I’m the plant guy  Everyone loves a CVCV.  Speaking of …I have,,, and coming up on Namejet  Pretty timely name.  Only 15 bidders   You buy it and you get the rights to the two letter dot uk…..I think  Porn  It’s where I go to get my paper.  Buy for $100 and sell on Flippa for $350 ($250)  There are millions of people that all kinds of money for these beauty potions.  Domain is cheaper than a high end haircut in NYC.  At least that’s what Elliot tells me. ($2500) $15 CPC and $3200 Estibot.   The online version of the GED the “Good Enough Degree”

CAX Domain Deal of the Day   Only $50 BIN.  I guarantee there are lots of kids looking for info on their birds.  I wood be a quick site to make and kids click like crazy

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  1. Blake

    I know you’re the plant guy, so I’ll throw this out there… I own if you’re interested.

    Have your zone and drink it too. That’s a thing, right?

  2. L

    There is literally no way to monetize Telecasters without running afoul of clear-cut TM law. This is the most tempted I’ve ever been to buy a Trademark name considering it’s going to sell for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what I paid for my 1959 Tele but alas, I don’t swim in lakes with snakes and alligators so I’ll just take a deep breath and let it pass.

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