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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on Sept 20th, 2013

A lot was talked about the purchase of Afternic by Godaddy yesterday and I just kind of took it in yesterday to absorb all the information.  To me it basically came to this.  Godaddy bought a company that helps their customers monetize their domains.  They left the portfolio part of the company alone. They don’t want to hold a portfolio, they want to help people make money off of domains, through parking and resale, and they want a cut.  It was divided among a few companies and now it’s divided a little bit less.  Next up, the purchase of Name Administration 🙂 Here are today’s names. This name is combined with a 14 other geo names in an auction that is still under $20 and has met reserve. Two clicks on most of these would pay for the auction at this point To restore friendly relations. Have no idea what you would use it for but at least we all know the word and the domain is 16 years old  I figured the name would go high simply due to the popular success of Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition in the 80s About as good of letters as you can have in an acronym. Has some age as well No bidders. I really think the future of batteries will involve a swap. Just like your drill. Maybe quickcharge is the future but sure would be nice to have a standby battery to swap out I think I used to own this one at one point and positive if I did I sold it for less than what it will go for today This one will go for more than the above because of the 8 I think I like this more than the one above.

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD)   HUGE market.  Not that I know, I just heard   Will come in handy when my skin cracks and bleeds in the winter   There are all kinds of hobbies.  Some which you don’t want to know about.  15 years old  What you’re forced to do if you get in trouble.  What you SHOULD do to give back to the community.  Why Adam Strong is not allowed in my house.  He’s not  No bidders.  Something a lot of people are looking for.  Unfortunately a lot of the people looking to make easy extra money don’t know what teh term revenue means  Great domain dropping tool name or just a play on eye drops  This has been up a couple time and always goes for $7000 plus and doesn’t sell

“Any successful company in the valley gets acquisition offers and has to decide whether or not to take them”  -Marc Andreessen and 18 other Real Estate dot info name.  All for under reg fees  and 8 other forclosure dot info domains.  The price at press time…….ONE dollar  This one alone has a CPC of $18 and there are 18 other names in this auction package.  Price at $6 with only two bidders

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