SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 23rd

Nov 23 2012

Up late after staying up to get some of those Midnight deals I’m a little tired. Just kidding. As good as those TV deals are there is no way I’m waiting in line with the crazies.  I’m online dealing today.  Actually I’m selling Christmas trees and twigs all day and rang the Salvation Army bell last night.  The exact opposite of spending money.  Here are today’s names. Great crowd source name. 1998 domain and only one bidder  Name not that great but domain is almost old enough to rent a car.  1992 domain  I sold Florida Home Loans and California is a little longer so this one may have some room to run price wise If this Internet thing takes off I think it could be a pretty good place to watch movies  A stalker’s favorite place to buy maps  As long as cars crash into things this name has value  It takes a village to sell a car.  I only put that up because I like that marketing slogan.  14 years old and NO bidders  Two trademarks on this one but plenty of uses for it that don’t correspond to either  Good brand.  The chorus is the only part of the songs we know  Would have been a pretty funny campaign. Either you believe it its value or you don’t Segways are changes in direction during conversation but the maker of those two wheeled scooter things may not believe you Most call it a pooper scooper but I’m civilized so I call it a shovel  No bidders.  According to Google there is such thing   As evidenced by today.  People are always looking for deals Marijuana foods are taking off with the new laws  Going to do well. Bring a full one to the auction  I actually like it better than

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  1. Anthony

    Hey Shane,

    I missed it yesterday but I wanted to give thanks to your continual giving mate.

    Love the lists.


  2. Jeff

    scooter mfr definitely won’t believe you… segues are changes in direction during conversation.

    hope you had a happy turkey day, shane! love the blog, even though i had to throw in a needling comment.

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