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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Turkey Day Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 22nd

Happy Thanksgiving to you Americans and Happy Wednesday to everyone else.  There are as many good names up for auction today as there has been in weeks.  Way to many to list.  I still gave it a try.  If you’d like to tip me feel free to click through although I don’t expect it.  But I do expect a Christmas gift of some sort.  Enjoy the day and give your aunt a kiss for me. Ironic that today is the day you should get off the computer and spend some time with your family. You could have a lot of fun with this one. And it’s cheap and 13 years old I figured you guys would like this one. Tips would be better but you get what you pay for My Mom says I have them. With genetic selection becoming a real part of having children this name is going to have real marketing value. Right now it has NO bidders Obvious travel name. I hear people are starting to buy airline tickets online now so should increase in value Hadn’t met reserve at press time. Z is a tough letter but ending in A really increases the value…IMO Can’t get more generic than this People that believe in horoscopes are easy to sell things to. Ask Miss Cleo Sounds like it’s already a popular song website. Not going to be cheap  Also known as Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Valuable because many of the states use VisitState as their tourism domain  No bidders. Florist use it all the time.  Possibly a brand.  Lots of Google results  Not a huge fan of names this boring but it does tell us what the site would be about  Not a very big market but people LOVE product domains  Plural would add a zero or two   The domains with the word blog are down a little but still do very well.  Cooking is as popular of topic for a blog as there is   Great drop list name.  I guess you probably already knew that  I doubt anyone is always great but just doesn’t have the same ring  Good brand.  Headphones for fat people?


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  1. Ive never used name jet – wondering why the min bid is “only” $87 ( with 108 bids? Am i missing something? If the starting bid is $69, are the bid increments going up by 25 cents at a time?

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