SHANE’S BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 24th

Aug 24 2012

I’m going to add a few things to the daily list as of today. I figured I would throw a few links at the bottom that you may find interesting. They’ll be links that you didn’t read on the feed but I still think you may like. I also changed the title to make it a little different than the other lists. Brand it a little. Here are today’s names and links  Ironic that this most likely will be purchased by a white man  My favorite name on the board.  Least favorite… Here we go again with the dot co. Now they are trying to entice me by putting up tree names. I may be involved in this one Pretty solid golf name. Can’t argue with the shortness of it A little long but PageRank is trademarked so this is the name you can use legally  Real product but yet NO bidders.  No bidders for this excellent brand If you own a website you may have used a mouse mapper. Tracks your users mouse movements. Bargain at this price IMO I can get you into this domain for a little over $2K….maybe  Whole world of IDNs out there that most of us don’t understand For your 5L domain lovers.  Only one bidder  I’m taking offers on this name if anyone is interested Deal of the Week! FREE domain with 12+ month Website Builder purchase!

.CA Domains only $12.99 at!

And a Few Links

Gawker releases massive cache of Mitt Romney’s finances.  Man has some serious cash

Add before any domain name to experience nyan cat on any site

Interview with guy that bought  Turns out he bought 70 combinations of potential candidates.  A $560 a year gamble that looks to pay off

Google’s Bet on Fiber.  Some think it’s a sucker’s bet

I’m 100% this is true about the college football season

Domain Auctions: Find, Buy & Sell Domain Names

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  1. John

    Google Fiber when completed as well as lower cost of living, Kansas being a homestead exemption state and talk of lowering state income tax makes that part if the country very attractive to small businesses.

  2. Jp

    Nyanyit totally awesome but doesn’t work on iPhone 🙁

    Checked it on a desktop though. Brilliant, what will they think of next?

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