SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 25th

Aug 25 2012

Good morning all.  It’s Saturday and like all Saturdays I’m out for a nice long run.  I plan on doing 13 to 15 miles and then off to work. It was nice to read that Rick Schwartz had reached a 3 year goal to get down under 170 lbs.  Chef Patrick lost a ton as well.  And Acro is in the process of trying to get healthier.  Good to see so many domainers pay attention to their health as much as their portfolios.   Speaking of reaching goals.  A friend of mine Alan Dunn is raising money for autism as he has a family member that is affected so it’s close to his heart.  If you’d like to donate to the cause please go here.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a little as $2, all will help.  He didn’t ask me to do it and I have never asked for pledges, but I’m feeling generous today as I am a lucky person and feel sharing a tiny bit makes me feel good.  You should try it.  Here are today’s names.  Not very many names but a few worth taking a gander at.  What’s vintage eventually becomes cool.  A site with scans of old magazines for modern day ideas would be very cool  Pretty much says exactly what you are going to get when you come to the site.  And there are millions of kids looking for exactly this Great name. Names with tap and touch have great value as an iPad or iPhone app name   I can never figure out if these shortened names are out of style.  I would say that 99% of people see “label” .  I would say that the “good” ones, especially the short ones will always fetch high prices. I like this 1996 domain a lot

Fuc#Sh! I’m not sure if it has a lot of value but I think its funny. Gotta have a few names that make people laugh. People would certainly remember it. 13 years old And then there is the complete opposite. 3 Bidders  The org makes it sound like a legit site that you could actually learn about your credit score.  No bidders and 13 years old  A lot of bidders on this one.  I’m not sure if its because its a or it stands for a Filemaker file type  A lot of bidders but this is already a robotic vacuum cleaner and you could lose it.  I’m quite a salesman aren’t I?  I’ll guess $2000 plus on this one  Already at $2K  Yet another name that is one of the top bid getters and its a Chinese name.  Its a thriving market and very profitable.   Buy your Rosetta Stone now Deal of the Week! FREE domain with 12+ month Website Builder purchase!

.CA Domains only $12.99 at!

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  1. Alan


    Thank You.

    This was a very nice gesture to mention our fund raising effort without being asked.

    If anybody can help it would be most appreciated and I promise to return the favor, even if it means buying a dozen boxes of school cookies I will never eat.

  2. Francois


    I am so surprised to hear about this.
    He looks so sociable and happy in all photos.

    FYI the form only allow donations from USA, Canada and UK.

    You should remember your PayPal email for those that want to help and are outside USA.


  3. Tom

    I’m doing 3 to 5 miles three times a week. Taken most of the summer to get up to this level. Partially because temperatures in San Diego have been abnormally warm and not conducive to an old guy trying to get in shape for the first time in a decade. Feel the best I have in some time.

    Nice list. Like,, and

  4. Paul

    That’s hilarious. I’m always asking myself about that short domain thing. Passing fad? Surely, cute misspellings can’t be good branding forever. Only time will tell.

  5. Andy

    Title says BIG LIST but then in post you write “not very many names”.

    Sounds like a fragger headline .

    1. Post author


      It’s a name of a post. Shane’s Big List. It stays consistent regardless of how many names are inthe list. If there is mostly junk one day I’m
      not going to force names into the list. Thanks for caring enough to comment. I’ll try and make it bigger for you next time. And funny how being like Owen Frager is considered criticism

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