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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on August 19th, 2013

I have to admit doing this list among all the things I’m doing on vacation has been tough. Yesterday I once again forgot to check my links and screwed them all up. THAT will not be happening again. I will be checking them from now on. No sense and spending all the time on the links and not having them work. But I did one better.  Didn’t even post them. I forgot to schedule the post.  Went hiking and to the beach all day and got home too late to do much about it.  A total waste of an hour and a half.  Oh well, here is today’s list.  14 years old, no bidders.  Decent brand for $12   Good marketing name for these fake fountain of youth companies all over the net.  No bidders. 13 years old  Pretty decent letters and under $250 so it got my attention   International something something.  This could break $10K  Another NNNN with a 4 but this one is much higher than the rest for some reason  Santa Claus’ blog.  Any vowel at the end is worth more according to me.  Not incredibly valuable but love the name.  Great blog or site name

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Go Daddy Bulk Domain Registration  Great one night hookup name.  Not that I know anything about that

ILovetoFu*   I guess this would work as well  May be something now or in the future but good name for something  Sounds awful  Has the look and sound of a technology company   Up for auction this week at Sedo.  Could be short for Halifax.  14 years old and in the ever liquid category.  Going to sell because the reserve is under $100

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Domain Spotlight: