SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on August 18th, 2013

Aug 19 2013

I shouldn’t have said that I liked “the” domain names yesterday. I received 25 emails from people offering some awful the names. While it’s nice to know that people actually read my list, it is disappointing to see so many people have names that are absolutely worth no more than a hand registration. Some of them where the and two and three word domains. Gets me back to my post the other day on the importance of knowing which domains have value and those that don’t. Just because a domain is similar doesn’t mean it possesses the same value.  Here are today’s names   More and more people are in to adventure sports and vacations.   This would be an awesome name to sell and promote  No bidders.  Decent name for a virtual gaming site.  10 years old  Not sure of the value but No bidders and a fairly popular saying  Another another 4.  90% of the numerics start or end with a 4.  Shows you the value of those without  I don’t drink coffee but millions do.  Pretty sure there are trade magazines and blogs about it.  NO bidders  I like the look of it.  Don’t see the value but getting lots of love so I figured everyone knows more than me

Featured Offer – 32% off new products at GoDaddy! -CAD  Not sure they are naming girls Mildred anymore but if they do you’ll be ready  A great upgrade for several different cheerleading places  Sounds like it’s already a site I heard about on TV

That’s all I have from Namejet today.  You can have the rest

Go Daddy Bulk Domain Registration   Up for auction this week at Sedo.  Could be short for Halifax.  14 years old and in the ever liquid category.  Going to sell because the reserve is under $100

Have an auction ending that isn’t getting any attention? Contact me to see how I can help

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  1. Josh

    Thankfully- coffeeweekly closed yesterday… Since I was the only bidder 😉 when I saw it here I was confused how it escaped the domainShane effect….

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