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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 25th, 2013

You ever worked with a company that your truly enjoyed working with because of the people but then the people go out and form their own company?  I always find it tough because I wish the new company well but don’t want to upset the original company that I’ve been working with for years.  It’s like when your best friend breaks up with a girl your really thought was great.  You want to continue to be her friend but it’s your best friend so it’s a conflict of interest.  I had that recently happen with the employees of a jewelry store.  I’m friends with the owner and then his employees went and formed their own company.  I like both but I’d hate to cheat on my friend because he’s been so good to me.  I always resolve it by making sure I dance with the one that brought me.  That is as long as they want to dance with me. Here are today’s names. Ends today. Because sometimes it’s better to join with someone that an add value to what you are trying to attempt.  Even with an X at the front will still probably hit 4K Been up for auction a million times.  A decent name but let’s hope the owner dropped the reserve to a reasonable number this time  A PR4.  A huge brand and wouldn’t be surprised to see this hit 5 figures.  Remember, most of the world doesn’t speak English so letters you think are bad may not be bad to others 16 years old. Sold for $3500 plus in 2008. A very high CPC to boot  I’m sure there are other people like me that when they get their Outside magazine the first thing they turn to is the gear section. No bidders   What many people are still searching for  No bidders.   Plenty of search results for people looking for online willmakers

Backorder Domains Wait…that’s not how you spell license. Says the American. All other English countries spell it with a C. Australian Drivers Licence, English Hunting Licence. We Americans just changed things to make it match how we pronounce it.  As good of a MMA name as you can have  Not sure what they are going to train them in but evidently they are the expert in it  What a great email.  Worth $69 just to fire off a few fun emails  Solid Whois site name  No bidders  Seems like everyone has a fruit beer now Just buy it.  Chinese names have to pay off.  They’re making 100 million customers a year

CAX Domain Deal of the Day No reserve auction. Name fits the dot info well. Buy it and Flippa it

NEW: Domain Shane’s Book of 10

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Starting this Friday and every Friday I will be introducing the Domain Shane Book of 10. A list of 10 of my favorite domain names for sale or at an auction ending in near future. Every Friday I will put out the list and it will be featured here. In addition I will be buying a “Featured Post” at the top of every Friday. I will be picking most of the names but for a small fee I will include a few additional names. I will only accept names that I feel would actually sell. No for $500 names. So if you’re looking for eyeballs from the domaining industry for a name you have for sale, please contact me for information and pricing.

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  1. I used to have a neighbor who was a locksmith.
    He said the hardest part about hiring was finding someone who wasn’t going to learn the trade from him then quit and become his competition. Basically every other locksmith in town began their careers as his apprentice.

    That has to be unbelievably annoying.

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