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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 11th

A bunch of people had to leave early for NY and the east coast (including Morgan and Daina) and this is why people had to leave early.  Massachusetts made it illegal to go out during the storm. New York didn’t.  Wonder how that turned out.  Oh yeah, the picture below says it all.  Hope everyone got where they were headed.  I imagine they did if they left Thursday.  Here are today’s names and the daily quote.

NEMO Blizzard Pics

Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough.  -Earl Wilson Great brand and I am for one week a year. And that was last week International Something Something United Have EMDs fallen this far? No bidders on this one No bidders. 400 horsepower is a lot. Alot more than my 1976 Chevy Chevette puts out No bidders. A rare occurrence in sports. Good name for the price IMO 11 years old No bidders. For $12 I think it’s worth a try. Could be EX lawyer or just used for a law name. One click would pay for it either way No bidders.  I know a few Shaymus.  I’d give them the name but I’m too lazy  I’ve used this term a lot.  Every time I see a 1976 cadillac or similar

Go Daddy Featured Offer! Save 47%* off your order! Offer Ends 2/12/13! Chinese name that will easily cross $1000 IMO   Girls name.  Used to be spelled Lilly but then everyone had to be different and ironically they all became the same  Dog lovers are sucker for anything related to their dog.  I know some of you collect reputation names  Not really how you spell spicy but evidently there are a lot of first and last names with Spicey

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