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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 10th

After it was all said and done the Kim Kardashian speech turned out to be a non event. It worked well for Oversee.  The room was the most crowded its ever been (I’m told, I haven’t been to all of them) and afterward everyone simply moved on to the next event.  I don’t think anyone really even talked about Kim, good or bad, from that point forward. The same as Bob Parsons, and Biz Stone.  I can confirm that Kim was paid low $XXX,XXX for her appearance but Oversee also gave $10,000 to the WaterSchool to shave Richard Lau’s head.   It’s their money to spend and we all had a great time so I say money well spent.  Now onto today’s names and the daily quote.

“Money is usually attracted, not pursued”  -Jim Rohn 16 year old Maybe Opyo travel out of Serbia will want it Evidently the name of a lot of women. Especially hot women if you do an images search Two words you know. 14 years old. That’s all I got “Do the dishes,” No bidders so it’s not expensive and I already gave you the tagline I thought it was the right way to spell it but realized it wasn’t after no bidders I like fashion and design names and this one isn’t too bad for $12 Old social sharing site that gets great traffic and has 60K back links. A PR4 A PR5 that gets 4,000 visits a month. 6 years old I think you would buy this even if it were cloud toaster

Go Daddy Featured Offer! Save 47%* off your order! Offer Ends 2/12/13!  I like it as a 5 letter dot com but not sure why it has 136 bids  Another nice one but not nearly as many bidders And the worst marketing campaign for 2013 goes too……………  A that if it goes under $700 its not a bad price   Lots of them on the market. Sell it to the manufacturers  Good name for an ftp uploader   The key to good investment – Two word product .com. The skinny ones……sized to fit in your hallway.  Lots of these on a Google search – Two word product .com. Some say overcoat, some say topcoat. They make me itch so I don’t wear them.  And I don’t really wear topcoats anymore.

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  1. is a typo for Honda and given Y and H’s proximity on the keyboard, this probably gets a lot of traffic. TM typos not my thing but clearly others don’t mind. I guess it could be “brandable” too.

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