SHANE’S BIG LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 1st

Oct 01 2012

October is the money making month.  People are settled in.  Less travel. Cool weather (in most of the US).  Towards the end of the year so there is a better idea of how much money is there to spend and they are gearing up for the holidays.  And what better gift is there than a nice domain name.  Perhaps one from the list below.  I’ve also started tracking the names on the list and I’ll report back with the final sales price.  It should be interesting.  This would have been $1500 to $2K in 2007.  We’ll see how much it’s worth now   Boba is going to want this one No bidders. This has the word call in it so I think it’s worth more than $12. 14 years old  No Bidders  A 5L that could be used as a liquidation site Nice call to action domain. Should do well These have been going for an average of $750 or so No bidders. I would think that an accountant would want this domain Hard to imagine with the Internet that this business is thriving but no doubt it exist because everything exist in this industry    Only 1 bid.  Sounds like a University that Illinois would lose to  Again, in 2007 this would be gold.  Now it’s a very nice aluminum  No bidders. Although cameras have become throwaway there are still those that need fixing  As long as you don’t pay too much, this one one would make a good brand and A LOT cheaper than  Easy buildout of Youtube stars. $200 is fair

Dedicated Servers at Deal of the Week! $4.95 .COM domains.  Offer ends 9/25/2012!

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