SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 30th

Sep 30 2012

Sorry for the late post but wife gets a little mad if I take up every evening working on posts and this morning I had a little 23 mile training run getting ready to go visit Elliot at the NY marathon.  Speaking of Elliot, he has a post asking which daily list of domains people like the best HERE.  I really don’t care if I’m the best but if you enjoy my list feel free to give me a vote and tell the commenter Todd to go to hell.   Skiing on a surf board.  I am a terrible skier and I broke my neck surfing so needless to say I don’t skurf.   But plenty of people do Heavily trafficked site that could be brought back. I love the crock pot. Put in a shoe and some sauce and come home to a tender meal.  Sorry, you’re never going to outbid Chris Brown on this one I think Morgan showcased this one. Still only $60. If you are going to buy two word domains with an adjective then you should buy one that people often use and girls certainly use the word cute when describing swimsuits A popular last name. OK maybe not popular but a few people have it  I like them.  Even the running type These three character dot coms continue to reach great prices   Still highly collected Nice wine rating domain. No bidders  You’ve heard people like Rick Schwartz say that if you want to buy a lower priced domain get one that has the word online in it.   Everyone tries to save money and time by learning online. Even dogs  NO bidders  Not a ton of value but short and nice site or brand name  The NNNN.coms that end in four have been down in price compared to others so I think this one goes for $800  This one should do a little better because of the double 9s.  I’ll guess $1250.  Could do better   Three character, J hurts, 1 adds


Dedicated Servers at Deal of the Week! $4.95 .COM domains.  Offer ends 9/25/2012!

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  1. Dave Tyrer

    Another great 90 minute list. I often learn something new, like the expert valuations on the NNNNs. Just an example. It was DomainShane who first alerted me to NNNNs, though I never bought one. But all knowledge is valuable.

    Since I own the affiliate poster site it’s interesting to see ClassicMoviePosters on offer. Though I’m not bidding, I’m glad to have been alerted to it. Just a random example.

    These are just examples of the side value I often gain from the daily lists, though I rarely bid.

    @todd, since you dislike the list, why do you seem to read it so much?

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