SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 16th, 2013

Nov 16 2013

In case you didn’t see the 276 articles yesterday, the handsome trio of Ken Hanson, Paul Gladstone, and Greg McNair are starting a registry for  While not my type of domain, there certainly is a market for it and you can’t find 3 better guys to give it a try.  Good luck to all of them and I wanted to say publicly that Paul looks better with shorter hair.  And we all know looks are the most important part of domain investing. On a completely different note, congrats to our little runner friend Mary Cain who went pro yesterday.   Still going to college but going to chose to run as a pro rather than wait four years after college.  It sets the expectations pretty high.  Any is a big word but so is coupon.  No bidders  Pretty serious name.  Hopefully goes to someone who will do something good with it  I recommended so I have to like this one…..and I do  How can you not trust someone called Mr. Helpful?  Or forget the name  One of those acronyms at the end of a doctor’s names. No bidders   This assumes that you are actually going to read a book  Everywhere else in the world that speaks English spells it this way. Americans just love to butcher the English language. Although I do admit there really is no need for a U in colour. Huge potential in England and Australia. You get the bonus of

Backorder Domains  Doesn’t look like a French name but it is  Dot infos are hot and this info actually works well with the left of the dot Short and sweet and tells you immediately what’s about to happen.  You are about to pay 48% interest  More convenient, same interest rate  ASK magazine for the ghetto  Don’s ask me how I know this but there are quite a few women looking for natural material brushes.   Not sure what you’re going to do with it but like the name  Ahh the old exact match domain.  Remember those?

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