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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on November 17th, 2013

Running a little late today. But better late than never bet I’ll let your answer that after you’ve seen the list  16 years old and a decent brand for under $40  Sounds like a cute toy or a craigslist ad   No bidders.  If I repair slots I would want this  I try and take two of these a day but I make my own.  No bidders.  Could be a fun site  A pronounceable always has some value  Because somebody looking out the window will always be better than the guessers  You must be American if you think it’s spelled wrong.  The rest of the world spells it this way. comes as a package deal

Backorder Domains  It’s a dot net but it’s a PR4 and Cooperstown IS baseball  Great use for the billion dollar glasses and lens business.  Obvious political use but not sure how you monetize it  Lots of ads for cruises that go through Panama   Under 21 or just a  If you have never gone out as part of a group to count the different species of birds in the area………… don’t. It’s boring as hell  There is a fire sale on dot nets because everyone thinks they are going to drop hard with the new gTlds.  Now could be a real opportunity if you believe in them  Russian river and tons of things share the name.  Don’t worry about if you can spell it. The people that know it can

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Domain Spotlight: