SHANE’S BIG LIST: Saturday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 17th

Nov 17 2012

Great list today.  That was sarcasm.   Almost not worth doing one today but I started it so I’ll just put it up.  Since the list was bad I’ll entertain you with some advice.  Trees are resilient .  Have a great day. Did I ever tell you about the time I was a stand in godparent for a young Guatemalan child?  Maybe later  Spanish for medication which I heard people are starting to use a lot  No bidders.  Plenty of people starting search terms with this one.  11 years old  Pretty girls name I don’t buy a lot of  LLL.orgs but I do like this one  Because second class tours would be as appealing  Don’t go out and contact DomainCapital quite yet on this one.  16 years old and no doubt data organization is going to be a HUGE industry but nobody uses crew any more….nobody  Already at $1500.  Like a line that wraps around the corner.  You don’t know why, you just get in line.  So go ahead, put in a bid

Go Daddy Deal of the Week: $2.95 .COM Domains! Offer expires 11/20/12!

Special Offer! 20% off New 12+mo Hosting plans!

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  1. johnny

    Thanks for doing our work for us and making the competitin for bids for other names go up. Could never understand why you want your own domain names you are bidding on to go up.

    Are people that lazy.

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