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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 21st

I was taking to Vin of Vin’s Domains a while ago about how he was getting interest in his LLLL.coms with good names that ended in A. I now look over his list and see many of them are sold. I like it when people keep the names that sold on their lists to get a gauge of what’s selling. Here are today’s names that I think will sell

“Most of what you have is only really valuable to you” – ? Already a proposed train in LA, you’ll do well when it becomes a real one. Only one bidder I can see 3 companies that would easily upgrade to this name. Easy money if you have the time to reach out to them. Unfortunately I don’t Pretty solid name for online travel site. 10 years old For under $30 I really like this one. V is best in the first spot and the O can be for Organization. You’re on your own on the other two

$5.00 .COM and Free Private Registration from! Is a “thing” but I think it would make a good brand. Probably not in our industry with Media Options already doing its thing. 16 years old No bidders. 15 years old. You would lose some traffic to justkidding but these slang names still have good resale value No bidders. Depending how old you are you probably played with these. The most awesome, dangerous, game on the planet. Sometimes I got it in the circle, sometimes in someones thigh. If an has some “bad” letters I like it to pass the radio and visual test, meaning it’s easy to give out verbally or reads well on print media. This one is pretty good No bidder. At first I dismissed this one until I saw how many ads and results for marine horns on Google. Food Trucks would be better but still a good name for selling trailers Nice 5L. Would be a good Bitcoins name. Thank goodness I never ended up buying any Great brand for “big” guy clothes. Plenty of those guys out there. They used to be tall also but now just mostly big

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  1. Love my 4L that ends in A- CBNA. com. Ive been sitting and waiting on it. Waiting for Citibank North America to come knocking.(Cant seem to get a decusion maker or the right person on the line. Very thick red tape) All the other people dont want to pay. Ill hold it. 🙂
    4Ls that end in A are harder and harder to come by at a good price. I see them steadily increasing in value. Many business names end in “association” or “america”

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