SHANE’S BIG LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 4th

Nov 04 2012

It was quite a Friday. I’ll tell a little more of the story tomorrow but long story short. I didn’t feel comfortable going to New York and realized that the marathon just shouldn’t be run for many reasons. Myself and our whole group ended up signing up for the Indy Monumental marathon. They canceled the race anyway as they should have done Monday and I gave my plane ticket money to Ran the race and headed home. Had a nice race and spent time with friends family. Glad I stayed home.  Now on to today’s names  Very popular last name and email value alone is solid  C for corporation brings this value up to $300 plus IMO  You’d think I’d like it and I do but I have much better garden names than this so I’ll let you have it. Back pain is a billion dollar business.  I made that up but it is a lot.   No bidders. I would think this is worthy of a $69 bid No bidders.  There are people that sell products made in prison or even products for prison.  10 years old  No bidders. Nice sounding brand is on the market but it’s going to cost 6 figures. This one could be had for a little less but probably more than you think. 17 years old Decent brand. And despite what logo designers will have you think. You CAN get a great logo for a little amount of money on the net No bidders. Very surprised this one has no bidder (or did at press time) At $50 an hour or whatever they get paid you can have this for less than an hours worth of work A good price under $100 IMO  Top of the bid list.  One of those foreign words that gets tons of bids but I don’t know anything about  Deleting name that is sure to attract bidders

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      Thanks and linked. I ran 3 hours and 15 minutes. A little slower than I’d like but I enjoyed the journey more than the race itself. It will be nice to take it easy for a few weeks. Enjoy the rest of the weekend

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