SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 27th

Sep 27 2012

This list could have been twice as long as it is today.  But I had to save a few names for myself today.  I think there is money to be made today.  I’m just hoping there are enough that a few drop through.  Enjoy the day Still love this one. I don’t think there is a reserve at Godaddy so it looks like it will sell Same for this one. I know the seller, you should bid more just because he’s a nice guy (it’s not me) but you should buy it through this link because I am….or can be when I want to. I always think of NeverEnding Story when I see this word. Tons of uses for this one No bidders. $12 for this beauty could be the steal of the day The double t will move it into triple digits  One of those words that means one thing but could be branded to mean so much more Might be a little trademark problem if you use it wrong  Pick up and you got a great package  Each night I wish I had one  Much better than rocky beaches Another fine 9 years old. No bidders and I think its a great sounding brand. Short and strong  I can see the slogan “I did, you didn’t” No bidders. There’s a fine line between love extreme and stalker  I am going to try and own this. I only put this on my list because it already has a lot a bids.  That and I realize that people are going to find the domain with or without my posting  I like it because it’s funny.  No bidders


Dedicated Servers at Deal of the Week! $4.95 .COM domains.  Offer ends 9/25/2012!

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