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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 29th

Namejet continues to have some solid names and Godaddy continues to have names.  I haven’t purchased many domains lately and my money is burning a hole in my pocket.  I am looking to buy a great name but haven’t exactly found one to throw my hat at.  I will eventually because there are plenty of great names out there.  The problem is merely finding one at a good value.  That’s the good and bad of an up market. Great sales but not as many good buys.  Enjoy the day.  Here are today’s names.  Another great name coming through.  Better than many of the “Big” auctions during the year that will do well because of “tag”.  Tagging with RFID or things online are only going to grow    To me these are too generic but I put it up here because I am always wrong so it will sell for a lot of money  Dumb Hats International   Rolls off the tongue  I have to admit I have no idea what europop music sounds like but I know that people must like it because otherwise it wouldn’t be a word that I know.  That didn’t make much sense did it?  I’m going to buy this one but I thought I would tell you ahead of time  1993 domain.  Other than that, not much here Value is in the PR5, the linke (565) and the age, 14 years, and in a good area, film Good for people that need….well…help investing. Good paying keyword Everyone is looking for it Man do I think fishing is boring but people would say the same thing about running This is worth at least $250 in my opinion. As I always say when it ends in A it will do well. Great fashion name and probably will be cheap…oops nevermind. Looks like a bunch of people have the same idea, might hit $1K   Good baseball name or an umpire fan club site


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    I like domains that incorporate the .com ending in a call for action statement.

    I recently acquired, well,

    Good luck in your quest for LawnGuy. Sounds perfect for your core business.



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