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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 31st

While I have not taken Deer Antler Spray or Pills, it’s ironic that I have been looking into taking it to improve my athletic endeavours.  That is until Ray Lewis came along and got caught taking it.  Now all the good quality suppliers are all sold out. It’s all the rage and yes, there are still related domains available.  Will I take it?  Still not sure.  I have to see if there’s room in my fridge by all the blood I’m storing for putting it back in later.  Here are today’s names and the daily quote.

“When you really matter to someone that person will make time for you.  No excuses, no lies, no broken promises Already at $10,000. 1994 domain. I can’t see this actually expiring but worth a shot Something Whatever General Enterprises Whenever I need to remove a limb off a tree I usually grab DSaw No bidders. 11 years old At the rate the Post Office is going financially, it will soon be uPackage and then uDeliver No bidders. For $12 it’s a pretty decent tech name I like this one a lot. Short and ends with 8 If it goes under $300 you can make money on a flip Not sure I LOVE this one but it has two great keywords. Just not sure they go together

Go Daddy Featured Offer! Save 47%* off your order! Offer Ends 2/12/13!   Only 2 bidders.  13 years old.  Great cook book or show name  No bidders. I think I saw them play in 1986   Simple, easy to remember, marketing name Nice looking name.  Say it real fast and it sounds like the robot from Buck Rogers.  Does that show my age?  A Turkish name given to boys and girls.  From the looks of the picture on Google.  Normally given to a hot girl


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