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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 7th

I missed my list for the first time in months yesterday.  I worked 24 hours straight yesterday with our snow.  It was supposed to stop in the afternoon but continues all the way until 3 am so I had to plow twice.  I was up until 7 am and got three hours sleep.  It was like a domain conference all over but a lot more sore.  Shoveling wet snow for hours is a killer combo for a 40 plus year old man.   I guarantee without my endurance training there was no way I could stay up that long and physically work the whole time. But its back to the grind so here’s today’s list.

“A lot of people like snow. I find it to be an unnecessary freezing of water”  -Carl Reiner Solid 13 years old. A last name and good acronum with I being for International The generic name for what Fusible does. You remember Fusible don’t you? Before they became a video game site No bidders. Great marketing name for a product that helps you quit something 16,000 visits a month according to Godaddy and a PR3. Not a huge fan of LLL.nets but I do like this one under $750 I like this one even more

$3.99 .COM and Free Private Registration from!  Great name to sell gun stuff.  Stuff is such a nice word to describe anything  You know I love CVCV.coms.  I would much rather have this than a shitty lettered    Not just tunes but MEGA tunes.  16 years old Lots of businesses and things name this including the ride that made me sick at the County Fair back in ’82  I wish it were singular but No bidders so it’s a good deal at $69 IMO   Repairing solar panels actually means replacing them.  A growing business  Fours are considered bad but when you start and end with one it’s good.  That’s not actually true for Chinese buyers but sounded legit  I hate to even put it here I like it so much but with 136 bidders its not like you don’t already know about it

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Domain Spotlight: