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The Flip List From The Latest Weekly Sales

As a person that likes to flip domains I’m always interested to see if any of the latest sales   have any history.  I used Namebio and checked all the dot com sales from the latest Sedo and Namejet Sales and found the following.  The historic sales is on the left and the sale from this month is in bold 950 2008-04-10…….SEDO $1250 894 2008-06-17   SEDO $1506 16,000 2010-05-06  SEDO $16,318 1,000 2011-01-21  SEDO  $800 800 2012-12-12    SEDO $1000 2,100 2011-07-25   SEDO  $25,968 3,200 2008-12-09  Namejet $2701 1,850 2011-01-10  Namejet $4900 1,560 2012-09-15  Namejet $2100 21,100 2013-01-16   NameJet $3400

Suprisingly most of the sales didn’t involve much profit for the sellers.  The most surprising was the HUGE loss the owner of larealtor took on their sale.  It doesn’t help that the world realtor is a trademark. owner got his money back and the CVCV Jaku had a nice 2 year return of 2500 percent.

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  1. just killed it, if I read your numbers right. The .de extension always seems to have good numbers, in sales volume and prices.

  2. This was another great idea for a post.

    I hope this serves as a cautionary tale for all the newbie bidders I see on Snapnames, Namjet and Godaddy overbidding a lot of the domains the past 12 months.

  3. I can make an educated guess about dropping from 21k to 3k in a very short time. It could be a result of the buyer paying a high price without realizing ‘REALTOR’ was a Trademark and getting a legal notice from the Nat Assn of Realtors.

  4. I can guarantee you the Realtor Association was or did file suit for that person even registering the name and they are very happy to dump it on someone else for a $17,000 lesson. Just register a domain with Realtor in it… don’t worry, you’ll get a letter and a phone call in about 2 days 🙂 IP attorneys in Chicago are expensive…

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