SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on Sept 24th, 2013

Sep 23 2013

I was doing a little more homework on stocks and got sidetracked reading about Apple’s new TV.  The more I read the more I feel that Apple will make the TV the center of the home again.  There will be millions of self created personalized channels with users picking which major cable channels they want a la carte.  As well as opening a window for smaller content providers to offer channels.   It’s going to be huge.  I’m just trying to figure out how I can monetize it other than buying Apple stock.  Here are today’s names I hope it sells. I always root for LLL.coms with a Q in it because I have a few 1,110 backlinks. At $125 which I’m pretty sure you could get a better price for with a well done Flippa auction   Speaking of Flippa auctions.  Perfect name for the dot info.  Comes with 11 more Loan related dot infos.  IMO the price is cheap for just this name alone Awesome name. An old saying. “And I gave him the what not”. Would make a funny brand Short and specific but cooking domains are great resale if you build them out. No bidders 9 years old. I used to love these as a kid. Now I think it would make a good brand.

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Import.Info   I have to admit this guy sure knows how to do a writeup to sell a domain.  Who doesn’t want to be part of trillion dollar industry?   One of my favorite cheeses.  Right behind Doritos   Great name for a quit smoking site.  Or maybe just sell them e-cigs as the description says  Not a real word but still would make a great financial brand  The modern day version of the ad in the back of Rolling Stone where you get the ID that says Sex:  Yes.  16 years old.  You know people are looking for them.  Just have to figure out how to monetize it.   One bidder. Not sure how much value but I do like the techy sound of it  No bidders and my goal  Good looking  Tough to make an acronym but easy to remember   No reserve.  Ends in 2 days but giving you a head start


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  1. Anon

    We’ve all been waiting for the ‘universal box’ for quite some time, either as a dedicated information appliance or as a hardware peripheral for the TV.

    We’re a step away.

    20 years ago was 1993.
    Few people had cel phones, fewer yet had internet. Now, imagine a leap of similar magnitude yet again over the next 20 years as everything integrates. This includes incredibly odd stuff like personalized automation, when your toaster is controlled by your smartphone.

    Will be interesting.

  2. Kassey

    I’ll venture to say Apple TV will be a new product that will do away with all old, messy connections and interfaces. This will be in line with the history of Apple products (e.g. dumping floppy disks, DVD drive) Instead, it will be a clean design with minimum controls and cable connections. By default, it’s connected to the Internet and well-organized contents. The current TV design is just too complicated, but Apple is good at making things simple and easy to use.

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