SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on Sept 25th, 2013

Sep 24 2013

I have to admit, every time see a banner or article for Hall of Shame all I see is Hall of Shane.  It’s a much needed and great idea but as a man that types in Shane hundreds of times a day I have a 0% chance of typing it in right.  Just too damn close for my fingers that are used to hitting the N.  I’ll keep trying because it really is a great cause.  Just wish I had a domain that was valuable enough that someone wanted to steal it. Here are today’s names.  1900 searches and a $8+ CPC.  Comes with 9 other insurance dot info domains Please pay $10,000 for this name. I think you will be happy that you did. I know I will be This should do well with TV being in the three letters. Surprised it’s so low Since the start of time people have wanted to look younger. Great advertising name  10,000 plus searches per month.  12 years old Not tremendously valuable but 9 years old, short,memorable, and cheap Looks like someone saw a mouse I like any that ends in a vowel except U  Almost 32,000 monthly searches. 10 years old and under $40 at press time There have been a ton of NNNN.coms in the last few weeks. I bet it dries up here soon. That’s how it’s been the last few years. Comes and goes as people see good results.

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Backorder Domains  Memorable if not anything else   Would make a great home renovation brand.  Do it again After watching a bunch of smaller backorder services win names I would backorder this at multiple locations Because Slow Ass Medical just wouldn’t have the same feel


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#1 - Home of the $1.99 domain name


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  1. Joe

    Shane, 90% of the time GoDaddy Auctions links don’t work. What happens is that for some reason, all the / ? : = in your links are replaced by codes like %2F.

  2. Mark Hershiser

    I am glad you grabbed lol. You know if you didn’t somebody would have, for what purpose I have no idea but just your mention of it would be enough.

    And the link is back up, I was just mixing things up a bit is all, thanks for the daily lists and thanks for the thanks friend…

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