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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 4th

Well the Houston Astros won again last night and although it has nothing to do with domaining, it does teach a lesson.  For those of you that didn’t read my TRAFFIC post from yesterday, the Houston Astros were easily the worst team in baseball a week ago. They had only one two games straight once all year and their record was terrible.  I went to Vegas to bet against them not for another team.  I figured I would double up until they lost because it would most likely be very quickly.  They haven’t lost.  Six games straight and the their longest road winning streak since 2005.  I only bet three games worth so I didn’t get too crazy but if I would have continued that strategy I would be down $10K……..and going.  So the lesson?  If you think your money can outlast crazy and “impossible” actions you are probably wrong. Sounds like a 90s name….and it is. 1996 to be exact 16 years old. These are the types of names that make great brands I used to snag these names for $20 five years ago. Now these 5L.coms are hitting $800 plus Wow. Only $12 with no bidders. I guess nobody uses copiers any more Putting the “The” on this one gets it all the way down to $20 1997 Domain. No bidders. Sounds like a Sirius radio channel Plenty of companies with this name that would love to upgrade. Under $20 a press time Solid venture capital name Not going to make a fortune on this one but there are a whole bunch of people that are now walking marathons and half marathons What everyone thinks about their domains after I make an offer

Start your website with a $4.29 .COM & FREE Private Registration!  I’m dynamite.  Oh that’s TNT. 16 years old  Already at $3300  You can become the pawnstar of the Internet.  “You mind if I have a buddy come take a look at this?  He specializes in 1940s blackboard folk art”  Going for double what they did last year   There is more and more need for phones that work anywhere

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    Yeah, that Global Phone is here now and is cheap.

    I’m in Eastern Europe right now, and I can call ANY U.S. phone number for free.

    I have a U.S. dial tone and ringtone, and call quality is great.

    Now I just have to remember not to call anyone in the middle of the night (U.S. time).


    It’s a MagicJack, the old kind that connects through a computer USB, not the plus which goes through a router.



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