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SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 5th

I have been going back and forth with Godaddy over their Commission Junction commissions. They say they are reinstated and yet their terms of service continue to say 0% on auctions and I’ve received no money. They only person that isn’t responding is CJ themselves. You’ll notice that all the links are CJ today so I am going to try it a few more days. To me it’s not that difficult but someone how everyone keeps saying “we think” it’s OK. I will say this, at least Godaddy has kept up very good communication through the whole thing. And I appreciate companies with good communication. Here are today’s names.

“The less I needed, the better I felt” Charles Bukowski 16 years old. I would much rather receive a cake than flowers HUGE CPC and lots of people are curious about how much it cost to get some new boobs and slim down the schnoz. A little problem with Ford here but horses are cool too. 16 years old I can see a movie with this name in the future but would also make a website name. Super cheap at under $20 at press time This is a 5 figure name IMO. Pretty good letters and still a real good buy under $200 What most domain investors domains are There are several communities and companies that would love to have this as an upgrade. 4 years ago this would have been a goldmine. Still good A steal under $50 for a good letter that ends in A I know, I know, I should be all over this but I have soooooo many garden names to develop I’m not sure I’ll get to this even though it’s a PR3

Start your website with a $4.29 .COM & FREE Private Registration! I heard these are hot Another liquid that will most likely climb a little in value every year, if not you will at least be able to cash out any time you want. It may not be what you paid but it will be liquid Looks like this is an all Asian list today

$1 / mo Economy hosting for 12 months from Go Daddy

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    Saw this one too late to bid.

    What was closing/winning price ?

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