SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on October 30th, 2013

Oct 30 2013

Today’s the last day to register for the Hilco Auction. I only wish I had $165K to buy because I think it’s a strong buy at that price. If anyone wants to go in with me I would throw in a few thousand. Here are today’s names.  1991 domain.  You don’t see a short first name come up for sale very often.  Awesome name.  I missed the opportunity to buy this one earlier.  Fantastic name, may be final chance to buy it before it becomes a medical or charity enduser name Not going to be an acronym but still very memorable All good letters.  Won’t get you much in scrabble but you should do fine on a sale in a few years  For $10 you’re getting an 11 year old name that would make a good proxy server name  No bidders.  Sounds like it would be a tough business model but there are a ton of business that are worth billions that give stuff away for free  As generic as you’re going to get Love the brand.  Memorable and won’t be misspelled.  Fat people might not like it  No bidders.  $10 for a 9 year old wedding name isn’t bad  I for International  With the Olympics coming up this one will have more value. No bidders  No fours, ends if 5 so it will do very well We’ll be able to get a better feel of what good 3 letter dot co go for  You should see the CPC on this one.  Damn!

Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31! More I for International.  17 years old  14 years old. No bidders.  If it smells good it usually tastes good  Opening bid is $100 but this could be a big name  A brand not a blog on solar storms


Domain of the Day 12 years old.  90,000 exact Google searches. Everyone wants other people’s opinions.


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Featured Offer! $1.99 .COM Domains! Now through 10/31!

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