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Tuesday’s 7 Daily Thoughts

I am always thinking and here are a few things that came across my mind today

1.  No doubt Namejet is being effected by Godaddy and Flippa’s daily auction success.   Both Flippa and Godaddy are seeing good auction results by providing an easy, open, platform to sell names.  I love the people at Namejet.  Matt and Michael do an incredible job.   Namejet and Godaddy still own the market,  but as a person that scans the names every day, I see less quality expired names and private names on a daily basis.  Part of it may be that portfolio owners don’t want to sell names at auction right now when they are selling enough names in the private market.  I haven’t put many names up this years either.  Half because I don’t want to sell at auction, half because I’ve been too busy.

2.  I love the concept of NamesCon.  I will be there as a speaker and a participant. I think the cost is a genuine concern for newer investors.  I know Rick Schwartz has always said if money is the problem just let him know and he’ll help out and he’s has done exactly that for a few people.  But many simply won’t ask and the cost of a full conference after hotel, flight, and social can be upwards of 4 to 5K.  Except in Vegas.  You can get and stay in Vegas on the cheap and there’s a shitton of stuff to do.   This is a great opportunity for those that just couldn’t get to a conference in the past to finally make one. I’m hoping the ticket prices will be a little cheaper as well

3.  Just noticed today that my account at DomainBoardroom has been closed. I’m sure its been closed for over a year, I just hadn’t checked.   I only used it a few times a year only to check on the gossip and didn’t pay any dues for that reason.  Good things are usually not free I realize, I just don’t like not being able to check if anyone is talking about me 🙂

4.  Even the dot cc names that I really like are going for decent money.  I got beat out today on and it went for $1900.  Looks like my plan to buy all the dot ccs and rebrand the whole tld to stand for country club has been foiled.

5.  Is Robbie of Robbie’s Blog drinking 10 red bulls a day?  The guy has set the record for most prolific writing in the history of domain blogs.  Even Rick’s recent 1.3 million dollar energy boost can’t compare.   He is punching them out and doing a pretty good job.  I just hope he doesn’t burn himself out.  Keep up the good work young man and if you start writing for 4 or 5 more blogs you can take Ray’s job.

6.  I’ve realized one of the big problems with using someone else’s service to get leads is they get to track all your leads.  I absolutely love DomainNameSales’ platform but I feel like I am trading free cost for data.  They obviously can see all bids and actions and whether they are using them or not is moot.  The point is they could.  I also noticed that you can call as well but I’ve never gotten a call offer.  If they do call what prevents them from selling names of their own or names they broker?.  I’m not making accusations, I’m merely stating that it could be done.  I have done many of my transactions off the platform just for privacy reasons.  Again, not saying that they would ever let that kind of data out, but I’ve seen hackers get into much larger sites and there is a ton of valuable data sitting there if you are a domain investor.

7.  I get an extra hour every day for the next 4 months starting Sunday.  When the time changes it gets dark earlier so we close the nursery at 5 instead of 6.  You see what I get done with the time I have now, you should see what I can do with another hour a day.  My mind is churning with all the things I can accomplish.   It’s also the time when  people start spending more time on the Internet because of the same reasons


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8 Replies to “Tuesday’s 7 Daily Thoughts”

  1. Shane,

    Thanks for the shoutout!

    No red bull but I have Starbucks on tap here to keep me going!

    I am trying to rev up my writing and hopefully give something back to the domain community.


  2. *


    I should hang on to for a few years.

    Nice price for

    I think that the Chinese are going after these, given that their cTLD is so restrictive.

    I have also been seeing some .cc billboards on the highway.


  3. Shane, are you saying that you have not been using DomainBoardroom for quite a while? I thought it’s the place where only the top and best domain investors are invited in. I’d like to know what you can benefit from joining a private domain club, if you are good enough to be invited.

  4. Yes, Robbie is running things this week! Shane, good luck in the NYC marathon, be sure to have 2 alarm clocks set to wake you up!

  5. Also….Re. NameCon, this sounds good, but it looks like it is overlapping the MAJOR internet conference of the year…Affiliate Summit. This is a big deal and it is attended by thousands and thousands of internet hustlers. I strongly recommend that anyone who attends NameCon, also buys a Network pass for Affiliate Summit. Follow the money…..

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