SHANE’S BIG LIST: Wednesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 19th

A little better list of names today. Thank goodness because the domain addicts were having withdrawals. They were having to buy 3 year old .infos to get their fix.  Here are today’s names.  Insert joke here.  Still a nice name  Notice the different font. I had to copy and paste it because there was no way I was going to spell it correctly.  A great name, just tough to spell With the world becoming senior this domain will should grow in value. It has to because it’s only $12. 14 years old It’s ironic that this name comes up because I just watched my first game of wheelchair rugby at the Paralypics yesterday. It was awesome. Very aggressive. 14 years old and only $12 that wouldn’t make a good acronym but it is pronounceable. 12 years old  Not sure what you’d use it for but NO bidders and 17 years old A not so popular first name. But there are some. No bidders also a No bidders. The only thing better than domains is eating while domaining. Not a fest…a feast  Great letters.  That International thing (see below) 10 Years old and a great brand. Already gets some traffic Another great brand. Easy to say and spell and has a little age. Great buy at $12 I thought this would be higher than it is. Under $100 is a steal  Has value because it has the word host in it. People love the word host Regardless of tld, this term under $12 seems like a pretty good price to me. My opinion of course  Used to be a popular gun site. Could be again.   Has a few links as well Fun brand. 9 years old and no bidders. easy logo   Describes a couple people I know I is a great letter to start with because it can stand for International. All good letters  I’m pretty sure people will forget this is a term for throwing up Again no bidders. Good athletic brand or site name Not quite lifehacker but not too shabby at $7K and should top $10K

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