SHANE’S BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 20th

Sep 20 2012

Not sure if anyone has seen a big increase in Google traffic the last week.  Not sure what switched they turned on but Google has suddenly decided that this blog is worth sending traffic to.  I’ve always received a nice amount but suddenly its up 50% with all sorts of new terms coming up.  I’m a pagerank 5 but honestly can’t remember of that is new or not.  Either way I’ll take it. Here are today’s names and there are quite a few nice ones  This has a $250,000 reserve over at Snap.  I actually think this is a more than fair price for this name considering the rise in Mixed martial arts.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see this one trade hands at the auction or right after Trading is a huge keyword and best is what people type in when searching. Still room to run IMO Great marketing name for a weight loss company. Bidders have already picked up on it though   This one is going to do well.  Org works well here  Just fun to say  Doesn’t sound so dirty when you say it this way This one is only at $3200 but my guess would be that it will end somewhere near $4500 I think most businesses would want this  Not before, not after  Lots of competition for “don’t have to do anything but pay” grad degrees online I feel like I’ve seen this name come up 10 times this year. I still like it. Not sure I like it too much higher than the $475 its at now though  Sounds so special.  Sounds like somebody selected the best from the factory and YOU get to buy it  Three Ts can’t be wrong  This would really go with stopthecravings.  This is the secret to losing weight but don’t tell anyone. It would kill a billion dollar business  I love LLLL.coms that end in A and this one has all good letters.  One of my favorites  New York Ag.  New York has to have some agriculture somewhere  Has 4 of the first 5 letters so it has to be worth at least $69 I had it once. It’s easy to treat. Shave your hair completely off and then wash with listerine.  There you go, there’s your site  This has come up for sale several times. I still like it.  Easy build out   Funny because nothing is hidden now that the Internet is here  Info works here.  Not sure you want to learn to scuba online though  I thought you guys would like this

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