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SHANE’S SEMI-BIG LIST: Friday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 5th

I was looking over the DNJournal sales list yesterday and saw the buy of the year or is a typo. for just under $18K.  That is less than many of the and in my mind, should be closer to $100K.  If that was true and I missed it at Godaddy, I will be kicking myself all weekend.  And I’m a good kicker.  Here are today’s names I thought I was going to steal this a week ago. Looks like everyone likes it just as much  Awfully close to HTTP, not that really means anything. 1998 domain  No bidders. You might be able to get this under $100 and if you look at Google you’ll see that other companies already think this is a good name No bidders. Good brand. At leastfor $12 it is. 400 Google indexed pages and PR2 Muslims that travel need to find the local mosque. Show them where it is. 12 years old and only 1 bidder   It’s either this or Deal  What is the likelihood you buy this name.  HOPEFULLY NONE, IT’S SPELLED WRONG.  And they said I provide no value….shhhh 8 years old and there is already a Has to be worth more than $12 to someone NO bidders 13 year old domain. Fashion oriented (or could be) and fashion names do very well. NO bidders  Figured you already saw this one but if you buy it through here you’ll have eternal good luck (disclosure:  good luck is not guaranteed and could actually lead to average or bad luck)  See Above  No bidders on this pawn term.  That or “to spit a big wad of snot ”  I made that last definition up. 9 years old There are a few domainers in this club.  Fortunately they have TRAFFIC I would much rather have food than cuisine. Still has value as evidenced by all the bidders and the price I don’t do adult names but this one is special. They are both Horny AND Slutty Godaddy prices are a little behind Namejet on and NNNN.coms. I don’t have much proof other than I have picked up a few of them on Godaddy and sold them on Namejet for profit. My entire data set is made up of 4 names

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  1. It is not because that domain was last updated on July 22nd of this year.

    Save the kicking for another time 🙂

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