SHANE’S SEMI-BIG LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on the 4th

Oct 04 2012

I lived up to my word yesterday and got the unbelievably valuable domain  for $12.  I’m going to put together a quick tumblr site up this weekend.   I’ve been wanting to write a little more comedy lately and this could be the right domain for it.  Pretty general so I could put up things I found on the net or on the ground. We’ll see what happens.  Here are today’s names.  Nothing fantastic but I’ve had worse  No bidders.  A home car charger is going to be in every home.  I am the one bid.  IMO $69 is a steal for this 11 year old domain 12 years old. No bidders. Two short words. These are the type of names I make money on. $25 investment, $500 to $1000 sale. Where else do you get that type of return? Disclosure. I’ll be bidding on this one. 11 years old and as I said yesterday. I see value here and if nobody else does I’ll take it No bidders. Has to be worth more than $12, even as a dot org  This name is getting lots of buzz…..Sorry  Not that great a name but this Sedo auction doesn’t have much to chose from  Putting this up here because it’s getting a lot of bids.  I think its OK but is going to get a ton of your traffic   Ending A for association.  Always a winner  Flyer as in stationary or fast.  Another short two worder.  1999 domain  4400 searches.  BUT the dot net is available.  Get both.  3 bidders  A semi-popular Italian last name.  Also a bounty hunter in Star Wars.  I may know more than I should about Star Wars No bidders. Short, name of an apartment but even better name of a bar

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