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Since It’s The End of The World I’m Going to Say a Few Thanks

I wasn’t really paying attention and found out yesterday that the world is supposed to end.  I don’t really believe in this end of the world stuff but just in case I wanted to thank a few people before we go.

1. Thanks to the self checkout attendant at Meijer’s.  I have been coming there for two years and checked myself out every day. I have no idea what you do to earn your money other than to make sure I don’t steal.  They’ve assigned you to watch 4 self checkouts and I’m pretty sure someone could handle 8.  This morning I put in that I only bought 8 donuts and I really bought 9. One, to prove you are worthless, two because the world is going to end and I figured watching calories didn’t really matter.

2. Thanks to Frank Schilling who so politely acted like he knew who I was when we met at DomainFest.  I knew you never heard of me in your life yet you treated me like an old friend.  I then proceeded to watch him go down the line and do the same for each person.  Well played Mr. Schilling, well played.

3. Thanks to Sedo for my $37 parking check last month.  I used it to take my wife to the movies and buy some popcorn. It was a lovely evening and if the movie wouldn’t have been in 3D I might have had some money left over.

4. Thanks to Mike, the commenter yesterday who reminded of a few keys to my success.  He was the one that berated me for telling him to look up his own information and to quit spamming the comments telling me to show him how to look up his whois checks at Godaddy.  He reminded me that most people are not willing to spend the extra time it takes to accomplish great things.  They can come up with a million reasons why they don’t have the time, but in reality they are not MAKING the time.  It goes perfect with my mantra.  Outsmart the dumb and outwork the smart.

5. Thanks to my sponsors to the right.  You really should click the hell out of their banners and buttons because they make it worth me writing each day.  The money allows me to do things without consulting with my wife. She’s not allowed to tell me what to do with that money.  If you don’t believe me you’ll have to see my collection of antique keyboards from the 80’s that I’ve been purchasing.  It’s fun to look back and see how things have changed.

6. Thanks to Francois for making and not speaking English very well.  It makes/allows me to write stuff in slang that won’t translate very well on the Google. I can purposly can misspell and use slang so he doesn’t get offended.  He’s done a great job with the hub but he’s not a big fan of competition.

7. Thanks to everyone that has been nice enough to give me heads up on gardening plant domain names that are dropping or up for auction.  I would not like to give thanks to the people that send me emails that tell me a similar name that I own is now up for sale.  500 TIMES!

So nice knowing you. Hopefully the wrath of God will miss me and allow me to continue my WUKAR life. Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat.

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7 Replies to “Since It’s The End of The World I’m Going to Say a Few Thanks”

  1. happy world end day !

    No work this monday …..

    oh wait …

    back to the grind!

    Monday is welcome back to the grind day … The day we will continue what we are doing. business as usual…

    The left that out in the world end prediction did they ? small print FTW…. arrggggghhhh

  2. you’re a pistol Shane, and your writing style is kinda’ dope. always enjoy reading you because you bring it. happy end of the world to you too! 🙂

  3. lol, keyboards? that’s the first time I hear someone collecting keyboards.

    by the way, it’s great to stop and say thanks, we should do it more often.

  4. Hell you earned $37 in a month at sedo????
    What’s your secret? The world is going to end, that mad preacher got it wrong it’s today not yesterday!

    Seeing as it is today you won’t mind sharing your sedo parking secrets!

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