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Skipping the Domain Picks Today: Let’s Just Talk

I didn’t see very many domains that caught my fancy today so I’m just going to pull up a chair and have a little talk.

One, I want to say “I told you so” after last week’s discussion over going short the market.  It was a very profitable day today.  I don’t recommend you follow my advice but there are more lows to be tested in this market.  I believe this market has a great bit more to fall.  Perhaps as much as another 10%.   That being said, you are being given a tremendous opportunity to get cheap shares of Apple and Google.  I am buying stock and selling deep in the money calls on both of them very soon.  Nothing has changed in the numbers for either of these and they are merely along for the ride.  You just have to figure out when that ride will end or figure out how to trade it.  (I am a stock with a selling of options kind of guy).   As you’ve read here before, I love making money.  I love volatility.  Volatility gives scalpers an opportunity to scalp.  The VIX aka volatility index is all over the board right now and I get a woodie just watching it move.  You could have made 5-7 times your money today if you traded it.  I was all over it but played it scared.  I’ve been out of trading too long to get in the groove.  I could have made $20-50K yesterday if I was still in my old mode.  You can lose a lot of money trading and you have to want to assume risk.  I didn’t want to. I knew exactly how the market would trade but wasn’t willing to put up more than a few grand. So instead of making enough to buy a new car I made enough to buy a new set of nice tires (although my X5 tires are expensive)

On less than exciting but still relevant news, Francois upped his refresh time on the feed.  It may not seem like a big deal but if you are like me, you find yourself looking at other aggregator feeds because they refresh quicker and get the stories up faster. I don’t have a lot of time during the day to read the blogs and I want to see the latest posts. Domaining didn’t have them.  Now they will.  I think it’s a good move.  The Internet is built on who can deliver the goods the fastest.

Speaking of fastest.  I moved all my sites, including this one, over to my own server from a shared server.  No glitches and a shout out to Michael H for getting it done amazingly fast with little to no problems.  I look forward to building some fantastic sites with him in the future. I worked with him since he was 18 and I have always been amazed what a good coder he is for such a young man.  That and the fact he is learning so quickly.  He is the first to admit his code is better at the end of project that when he started.  He wants to recode the entire site by the time it’s finished.

A few discussion on the TRAFFIC nominations this year and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to win for best blog but I wonder if I got any nominations.  I think if they would just change the nominations for “A” blog and not “BEST” blog I would do just fine.  While I’m not certainly the best blog, I am very much A blog. I didn’t feel comfortable asking for votes or nominations because of this.  Perhaps they could open a category like “most entertaining”, “best blog written by a guy that runs marathons”, or “best blog written by a guy that doesn’t know  Frank Schilling well enough to call him Frankie”. I would certainly win ” best blog written by a guy that doesn’t where glasses and is over 5 feet 10 inches tall”.   Then and only then would I have a chance.

Yesterday, FoodGuide didn’t sell for $3oK.  It didn’t meet reserve. That’s why you and I aren’t making big money.  I would have sold that domain for $30K faster than Elliot can get up a press release.

While I got you.  I received an email from the owner of letting me know that since went for so much money he was willing to sell that domain at lesser rate.  I did what I don’t normally do and that’s tell him he was completely insane to think that these domains had anything in common other than the same words.  It’s like trying to sell someone a matchbox car of a Ferrari at a discount rate to a real Ferrari.   He countered with a “well then, how about this name” and it was some obscure name that was built out showing naked girl gamers.  After looking through all the photos I decided he was still crazy but thanked him for the link.

And finally, this could be one of my last posts.  I bought $5 worth of Powerball tickets yesterday and on the tenth I should be the winner of $200 million. At that point I will no longer be blogging and I’m going to buy a big fuckin house right next to Frankie.  I’ll be sure and acknowledge a few of you once a year at a Domain conference.

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  1. “I bought $5 worth of Powerball tickets yesterday and on the tenth I should be the winner of $200 million. At that point I will no longer be blogging and I’m going to buy a big fuckin house right next to Frankie.”

    lol, when the shit hits the fan the last place you will want to be is on an island like that, so buy the jet too 🙂

  2. Thanks for another interesting article Shane. Your writing style keeps my 15 year old son and me coming back, and we’re not domainers. It’s obvious to us why you’re successful. How about best domaining blog enjoyed by non-domainers? Good luck in the lottery, don’t forget us little guys…

  3. Shane , great post
    thank you for not writing any domain picks today , maybe i could finally get some bargains 🙂

  4. Ha. Good luck on the powerball thing. I live in Utah, the land of no opportunity, or lottery money for the education system. But I am going to Nevada next week. Just call me Mr Papagiorgio.

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